Please be advised

Delivery services such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc. are NOT AUTHORIZED by Mountain Deli to deliver our products! Ever!

Mountain Deli does not contract with or advise the use of third party delivery services. The Deli is very concerned about the safety and security of all our guests; and therefore suggests that any patron of the Deli order directly from the Deli and pick up their own order. 

Some delivery services advertise that the Deli menu is available through their company…. This is completely false! The Deli exclusively serves direct to you, the patron.

Some of these services are less than accurate or ethical in their advertising. Some of these services will actually call the Deli to place your order under assumed names to avoid our control… do not be deceived. 

The Deli has no way of controlling the wholesomeness of our products once they leave our restaurant. Any problems with your order when you use any of these delivery services are completely your own responsibility and not at all recommended by Mountain Deli. 

Be smart, be safe, do the right thing, avoid any issues, order directly from the Deli and pick-up your own food.

Staff and Management